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About PUMA

Lessons That Extend Beyond The Classroom
In common with many of the martial art organisations, P.U.M.A. is founded on the principle of respect: both respect for one’s self, and for others. By adopting the spirit of P.U.M.A Martial Arts as well as the physical aspects you will find that you can both earn, and give, respect in all areas of your life. 
We find that children and young people in particular benefit from this. Children are all-too easily led by their peers; and bullying and harassment are still a sad but common reality for children as they grow up. By developing their own self-respect, your child can avoid becoming that easy target for the playground bully – and indeed they can become the role model that others seek to emulate, rather than one who simply follows the pack.
A New Social Network
When you join P.U.M.A., you’ll make a great new circle of friends, all with a shared interest in common. To support these friendships, we arrange several “extra-curricular” activities throughout the year, including social gatherings, camps, and friendly tournaments. If you’re looking for a way to meet great new people and enjoy some real quality time, then this is the place to come!
Fun For All The Family!
Families are stronger when they have a shared interest – something they can all enjoy together and support each other in. At P.U.M.A we don’t just accept family membership… we positively encourage it! A large proportion of our members are family groups who are amazed at the difference it can make to all get ready and come to training together, to work as a team and to enjoy each others’ successes. 
Regardless of age or ability, every member can progress and develop at their own rate, so Mums and Dads are free to take on more strenuous challenges while sons and daughters take things a little slower and steadier – not to mention developing their skills and fitness in a safe environment where they’re always in your line of sight!
A Safe Place to Train
Ever since its inauguration on 1st Sept 2000, the Professional Unification of Martial Arts has worked endlessly to safeguard and promote a healthy environment for its students. 
Its comprehensive Child Safeguarding Policy was designed under the advisement of the NSPCC, and has since been copied by many other martial arts organisations. 
Each instructor undergoes a yearly Child Safeguarding seminar and has 10 Child Safeguarding Standards and Mandates to follow. This has become our code of conduct when teaching children. 
P.U.M.A. has a dedicated Child Safeguarding Team which has been put in place to act as a point of contact for members and their families, to run professional and coherent child safeguarding education for all instructors, and to promote the standards and mandates. 
It also employs a Child Safeguarding Officer whose role is to head the team and to liaise with Police, Social Services and other associated multidisciplinary organisations. 
  The Safeguarding Team can be contacted here:

All instructors hold current CRB Enhanced disclosure documents as well as First Aid, Indemnity Insurance and Instructing Qualifications. 
P.U.M.A. has always taken its responsibility very seriously and actively helps the police and social services prosecute anyone who is seen to be a danger to its students.
About Cullompton TaeKwon-Do
Since 18 June 1987 
Cullompton TaeKwon-Do has been running for over 30 years.
Initially it was under the instruction of Mr Paul Smith, a 3rd degree black belt of the TAGB, and my first instructor. Paul returned back to his 'home' in the north of England in 1998 to be with his family, and Mr Daren Sainsbury (3rd degree at the time) took over. Daren gained his 4th degree soon after, and due to other teaching commitments in 1999, left the school in the capable hands of Mr Chris Clarke (2nd degree at the time). In 2001 Chris decided to join PUMA (Professional Unification of Martial Arts) which was formed on 1st September 2000. Most of his students joined PUMA alongside Chris, and one or two stayed with the TAGB.
Over the next 17 years, with the aid of assisstant instructor Adam Appleby, Chris taught over 200 students with 49 of them achieving a black belt (Including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree).
Chris Clarke retired as a 4th degree, from TaeKwon-Do at the end of Sept 2017. And on 1st  October Adam, also a 4th degree, took over as instructor.
Adam Appleby started training in March 1996 . He graded for 1st degree black belt in 1999 with the TAGB in front of a panel of 6th degree black belts, headed by Master Michael Dew (Now 8th degree). In 2002 he graded with PUMA, again in front of a panel 6th degree black belts headed by Master Ray Gayle (Now also 8th degree). He graded for 3rd degree in October 2004 and 4th degree in October 2009 under the careful scrutiny of Senior Master Ray Gayle, senior Master Jonny Black (8th degree), Master Mark Ogborne (7th degree), and Mr Rob Tettmar (6th degree).
Adam has also trained under Grandmaster Choi Jung Hwa (9th degree and the son of the founder of TaeKwon-Do General Choi Hong Hi), Grandmaster Kwan Jang Nim Cariati (9th degree and ICTF president), Grandmaster Ray O'Neill (9th degree), and First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha (9th degree and the first grandmaster promoted by the the founder, General Choi).